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  • 2009 Nettuno, Italy

    The tournament was held in Nettuno, a popular seaside town about 1 hour from Rome. The team stopped in Japan for 4 days on the way to Italy. Whilst in […]

  • 2008 Alameda, USA

    The 2008 tournament was held in Alameda, on the bay of San Francisco. We spent a couple of days in San Francisco watching the Giants, playing practice games and sightseeing, […]

  • 2007 Culiacan, Mexico

    In 2007 the tournament was held in Culiacan, Mexico. We flew into L.A. where we spent a few days sightseeing, watched a Dodgers game and played some practice games before […]

  • 2006 Osaka, Japan

    The tour to Osaka, Japan in 2006 was the first time we participated in the World boys baseball Tournament. We barely had enough players for a team and here we […]

  • 2015 Team announced

    We congratulate the following players on their selection in the team to participate in the 34th World Boys Baseball Tournament in Nagoya, Japan. Name Name Jack Butcher Rhys Dewick Jack […]

  • Warm Up Routine

    The following is our standard dynamic warm up, it is suitable for all age groups. Moving: (in lines from outfield foul line; 5-20m each way): 1. Side Skips (with arm […]

  • Having Fun

    About Roos Baseball Team

    Roos Baseball Team is a Travel Ball team that provides Australian players with the opportunity to play baseball and develop their skills by playing against international teams at a high […]

  • 2016 Practice games confirmed

    Pre Tournament Games Confirmed. Our pitching coach, Mr Dae-Sung Koo recently visited Seoul and has confirmed 6 practice games against local Korean teams. With the practice games and tournament games […]

  • 2015 Opening Ceremony

  • 2015 Welcome Party Conga Line

    Each year during the tournament there is a welcome party where the players can relax and get to know each other’s cultures. During the 2015 welcome party a band was […]