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  • 2017 Team Announced

      We congratulate the following players that have been selected in the 2017 Roos Baseball Team. The team will tour the USA and play in the 36th Invitational World Boys […]

  • Trial Update

    Trials are going ahead on 19th February at BSIP

  • 2017 Dates Confirmed

    The dates for the 2017 tour to the USA are as follows; Depart Sydney: 28th July 2017 Return to Sydney: 15th August 2017

  • Fundamental Skills – Prepping for the season

    This article from USA Baseball provides a pre season routine designed to build players up to the start of the season.

  • Bunt Defence Video Series

    General Bunt Defence Responsibility     1st and 3rd Defence Runner on 1st Runner on 2nd Runner on 3rd

  • Jaeger Sports Exercises

    The following article describes how to use the Jaeger bands for exercise. It is important that you have someone observe that you are doing the exercises correctly before doing them […]

  • Example Team Training Session

    Example of a Junior Training Session  U 12 Baseball Team Training Session Week 1 – 29/01/2015 12 players Mark attendance sheet and briefly go over today’s training session (6pm -6.05pm) […]

  • Trial dates for 2017 Tour Announced

    Trial information for the 2017 tour to Alameda USA is as follows; Date: 19th February 2017 Time: 09:00 – 12:00 Location: BISP Diamond 2   All players must be registered to […]

  • 2017 Teams Confirmed

    Teams from the following countries have confirmed their participation in the 2017 tournament being held in Alameda, California. Australia – Roos Japan Korea Singapore Germany Italy Mexico x 2 – […]

  • 2017 Venue Announced

    2017 Venue Announced

    At the 2016 World Boys Baseball Tournament leaders meeting in Korea it was voted to accept Alameda, California USA as the location for the 2017 tournament. Alameda is located on […]