Warm Up Routine

The following is our standard dynamic warm up, it is suitable for all age groups.

Moving: (in lines from outfield foul line; 5-20m each way):
1. Side Skips (with arm swings)
• Stay lateral
• Arms swing laterally from side of hip to above shoulder-height o Be smooth and rhythmic

2. 360s
• Rotate fully while jogging, maintaining speed o Alternate directions

3. Carioca
• Move sideways (not 3⁄4)
• Trailing foot goes in front of other foot on one step, behind on the next o Be smooth and rhyhtmic

4. Frankensteins

  • Alternate legs in a high front kick, stretching the hamstrings

  • Control leg coming back down: keep it in the air for a short pause, then step onto that foot and

    swing other leg forward and up.

  • Keep trunk up right and strong throughout

    5. Walking knee circles
    • Maintain control on support leg
    • Work to keep trunk in upright posture
    • Move circling knee through best range of motion (without moving trunk)

    6. Butt kicks (out) and then reverse butt kicks (coming back) o Trunk and head stay steady • Support leg firm and fully extended

    Sprint mechanics drills:

    7. Walking Knee-to-chest stretch
    • Alternatively pull each knee to chest while fully extending the support leg. Take one step forward

    between each repetition.

    8. Lunge walk with high lift

  • Lowest position: trunk upright, long lunge with no wobbling, rear knee brushing ground, front

    knee remains behind front toe

  • Highest position: no wobbling, support leg fully extended, other leg fully folded up.

    9. Sprinter‟s march
    • Remain tall throughout, taking short steps and adhering to high position described in lunge walk.

    Stress upright posture

    10. A-skip
    • Rhythmic version of Sprinter‟s March, with a small, rhythmic skip between each step. Emphasise

    folding the recovering leg up fully (see above): “toe over knee”.

    11. “3s”

  • Jogging under control, rapidly lift and put down one leg every 3rd step (hence the name “3s”),

    using vigorous arm action at the same time.

  • Emphasise getting that foot all the way up (toe over knee) and all the way down quickly.

    12. Flying 5m sprint
    • Players take a running start so as to be a top speed by 1st marker Run at absolute top speed to

    the 2nd marker (5m distance)

    13. 10m beach flag starts
    • Players lie chest down with both hands under chin, facing the direction to be sprinted

• At coach‟s call, get up as quickly as possible and accelerate hard past marker (10m distance)


14. Shoulder retraction and protraction

  • Standing with arms extended forward at shoulder height

  • Push shoulder forward, then pull them back as far as possible o Emphasise maximum movement

    of the shoulder blade

    15. Arm marches
    • Face down in pushup position, arms extended o Alternatively touch hand to same side shoulder

    o Try to hold trunk as still as possible throughout

    16. Lying supermans

  • Lying on stomach with the shoulders, elbows and wrists lifted as high as possible off the ground,

    arms bent and fingers pointing forward past the head (as if in a horizontal surrender posture).

  • Slowly extend the arms out in front of face, then pull slowly back, keeping elbows, wrists and

    hands high off the

  • ground throughout.

    17. Swimmers
    • Face down in pushup position, arms extended o Alternatively touch hand to same side hip • Try to hold trunk as still as possible throughout

    18. Reverse swimmers

  • Face up on hands and feet, trunk off ground, knees bent, arms extended o Alternatively touch

    hand to opposite side shoulder

  • Try to hold trunk as still as possible throughout

    19. Arm swings. Keeping arms as tension- free as possible, swing them:

  • up and down, in unison, then one up, one down

  • across and back at chest height

  • goals posts: cross arms in front, swing them then up and back to surrender position (stretches

    the pecs)

  • back pats: alternatively swing arms up beside head, bending elbow to pat yourself on the back

    (stretches triceps) trunk twists: let arms swing like ropes while rotating trunk one way then the other 

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