Fair Play Policy

Roos Baseball Team has a strong history of developing players by providing opportunities to participate in international baseball activities. We are mindful that the number of players participating in the team can impact the amount of game time available and as such we have developed the following guidelines.

  • All players should receive an opportunity to participate and will be provided a minimum 50% of available game time based on available Defensive Outs.
  • All players will have the opportunity to play a minimum number of complete games based on the number of games available.
  • Coaches will communicate playing time expectations clearly and openly with players.

There are times where the above may not be possible and the number of Defensive Outs or Complete Games available may be adjusted due to the following;

  • Weather
  • Tournament / Event canceled or shortened due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Games shortened and number of available innings reduced due to mercy rules.
  • Injury.
  • Player is a “Pitcher Only” and becomes restricted under Australian pitch limits.

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