Many players that have participated in Roos activities continue to develop their baseball careers and go on to represent their state, country or play overseas in amateur organisations or professionally.

This is a list of players we know of that have furthered their careers. If there is any information missing please contact us with the details.

SurnameFirst NameTours
AmosJake 2013 Fresno, USA
Cooper-VassalakisKai 2013 Fresno, USA
CurtisBailey 2017 Alameda, USA
DewickRhys 2014 Hawaii, USA
2015 Okazaki, Japan
DormorJack 2015 Okazaki, Japan
GessnerJoshua 2016 Seoul, Korea
GloverPatrick 2015 Okazaki, Japan
HolmLiam 2015 Okazaki, Japan
InglisBrad 2013 Fresno, USA
JacksonKy 2015 Okazaki, Japan
KarnChase 2014 Hawaii, USA
LetourneauCharles 2009 Nettuno, Italy
McCarthyLachlan 2015 Okazaki, Japan
MoanaroaBoss 2007 Culiacan, Mexico
PerkinsRobert 2009 Nettuno, Italy
2010 Mazatlan, Mexico
PiccoliGrant 2007 Culiacan, Mexico
RaeJaylin 2016 Seoul, Korea
RiddellAndrew 2010 Mazatlan, Mexico
RobertiJames 2014 Hawaii, USA
RobinsJoshua 2014 Hawaii, USA
SammesJames 2013 Fresno, USA
SkinnerMitchell 2015 Okazaki, Japan
StevensJo 2015 Okazaki, Japan
TorpeyAidan 2015 Okazaki, Japan
2016 Seoul, Korea
2017 Alameda, USA
WilkinsAaron 2013 Fresno, USA
WynneCoen 2014 Hawaii, USA
ZhangMark 2013 Fresno, USA
2015 Okazaki, Japan
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