Example Team Training Session

Example of a Junior Training Session 

U 12 Baseball Team Training Session Week 1 – 29/01/2015 12 players

Mark attendance sheet and briefly go over today’s training session (6pm -6.05pm)

Warm-up: (6.05m – 6.10pm) Objective: – stretch and have fun

Activities: Back to Back Passing (3 x 4 groups) Hoop stretch (2 groups x 6) Fish in the Net

Equipment: 3 small soccer balls 4 hula hoops 12 markers

Drink Break (6.10pm – 6.15pmm) Time allows for drink and time to get ready for next session

Throwing: (6.15pm – 6.30pm)

Objective: Develop accuracy and control of throws whilst developing arm strength and conditioning.

Activities: Wrist snap, prayer drill, throwing position, follow through, throw and catch, long toss

Equipment: 6 balls (1 between 2 players)

Safety Issues: keep players a reasonable distance away from the person next to them to account for wild, inaccurate throws. Correct poor throwing technique

Drink Break: (6.30pm- 6.35pm)

Batting: (6.35pm – 7pm)

Objective: Provide players with as many hits as possible. Aim is to develop hard hit line drive swings

Batting off Tee: Group 1 (4 players / 2 tees / 2 dozen whiffle balls)

Soft Toss: Group 2 (4 players / 2 dozen whiffle balls)

Stick Ball: Group 3 (4players / 2 dozen whiffle balls)

Safety Issues: all players to wear batting helmets / activities to be spaced out and away from each other

Drink Break: (7pm – 7.05pm)

Team Pitching: (7.05pm – 7.15pm

Objective – Have all team members practice their pitching deliveries (not to catcher as yet) Feel comfortable from set and wind up positions. Work on accuracy and control.

All players involved.

Rehearse steps: Balance, leg lift, break, stride, rotation and follow through 

Equipment – 6 RIF baseballs

Safety Issues – Partners not to adopt catching position, emphasis on pitching motion. No more than 15 pitches per player.

Backwards Baseball (7.15pm 7.40pm) 

Objective: Batters encouraged to swing and hit hard line drives. Pitchers encouraged to throw strikes – each pitcher limited to 15 pitches. Fielders encouraged to make plays.

Baserunners encouraged to look for extra base on hit (develop aggressive base runners) Make session as enjoyable and engaging as possible

Divide team into two groups, explain the rules. Umpire the game.

Equipment: home plate and 4 bases, 3 RIF baseballs,

Safety Issues: all batters to wear batting helmts, batters waiting turn are on “safe side ” of hitter. Keep alert for any safety issues that may arise.

Finish Training: – 7.40pm with debrief, information on Saturdays game, and congratulate players on good effort tonight.

End Session: 7.45pm Kids go with parents.

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