2006 Osaka, Japan

The tour to Osaka, Japan in 2006 was the first time we participated in the World boys baseball Tournament. We barely had enough players for a team and here we were in front of teams from all over the world. This was an impressive tournament with 16 teams participating.


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Fresno, USA Alameda, USA San Diego, USA Los Angeles, USA
Japan Tegu, Japan Brazil Kansai, Japan
China Chinese Taipei Mexico Verde Seoul, Korea
Mexico Rojo ABF, Australia Italy Sydney, Australia

2006 Roster

Name Name
Jay Andrews Chad Blanch
Ryan Bodycote Rhys Callaghan
Chris Crawford Matt Dolan
Ryan Falconer Sean Freeman
Ben Lees James Maguire
Blake O’Keefe Alex Peck
Mitchell Scott Scott Tyson
Beau Sorbello Lachlan Starkey
Richard Ward

Tour Leader: Joe Hills
Head Coach: Rod Van Buizen
Coach: Andrew Ross

Side trips and activities included;
– Bullet train day trip to Hiroshima to visit the peace park and museum
– Koshien High School Tournament
– Mizuno Department store
– Osaka Castle
– Osaka aquarium
– Professional game at Osaka Dome
– Pre tournament games against local teams

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